This is a special bittersweet edition of Free Fatty Friday. And that's because I am leaving San Francisco, California, and moving the show to Miami, Florida. I'm super excited about this change, this move. And I'll talk you through my personal consideration and journey. But also stepping back and giving a sense of a framework of considerations as you make these decisions, and changes with the environment that we want to live in, thrive in and grow from. So this is not just a personal local move. Although obviously, given my experiments, I'm going to talk through that, but also just giving an abstract, generalized advice or considerations that we should all think through at important inflection points in our lives. Our lives are not static, we're evolving dynamic beings, and we should understand and embrace that not just be static, we gotta be dynamic, to really truly self-actualize, in the limited time we have on this planet.

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So I'm going to talk through 3 key attributes of consideration. So number one, the importance of setting the environment. 2, always being the under a good dog, and having that dog animal energy, that animal spirit. And then 3, talking about what I'm going to be doing in Miami and inviting folks to connect and enjoy the new setup that I'll be having, as well as the HVMN community evolving in 2021. So let's go down that list. And I'll be intertwining some personal thoughts as well as general observations of how the world was changing, and how we should each of us consider from first principles, how this might apply to each of our lives.

Now, the key first point I want to discuss is the importance of setting the environment. Now, from a nutritional perspective, or habits perspective, it's very easy for me to stick to my intermittent fasting regimen. And my ketogenic regimen because I simply do not have candy, sugar carbie foods in my house, I just don't have it. And likewise, I very rarely drink alcohol, I just do not have wine or beer or cocktails in my place. So and it's important because while these might be vices for some people, having them around, makes you take an active approach to avoiding these vices. Because these items are not even within my immediate reach. This notion of an active avoidance of a vice turns into a passive default, it literally now takes me energy to pursue these vices. So I can stick to my routine, not because I have extra discipline, or wisdom or something better than anyone else. it's harder for me to actually partake in those vices. So I've set the environment, I set the game where it's easy for me to win. And this notion is very simple, but it should be extrapolated and applied much more broadly. This is why when elite athletes train in their training camps, they go to Big Bear, or very, very desolate camps where they can just focus and not have any distraction. Right? If you're in Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, you have the nightlife, the dinners, the parties that you're constantly invited to. And these athletes go to Big Bear, or Puerto Rico, or somewhere that's isolated to really, really focus. If you're a monk, or someone that's meditating, you go retreat to a monastery or a temple. We're not distracted by the worldly temptations of food, sex, distraction, any of that stuff, you can truly focus on meditation and find that enlightenment.

Amd again, it goes back to the same principle. Of course, you can have superhuman discipline to accomplish these goals within any arbitrary environment. I do believe that, but why make it harder for yourself? Why not make it easy by choosing an environment for the default match your expectation. So, for me, why I think Miami is very interesting is because when I was visiting in January, I very much felt the can do dreamer attitude of what I think makes America awesome. This notion of openness, freedom, and ability to create, build, network, and dream what's impossible. And I feel like that the community that I've surrounded myself in or introduced myself into in Miami really embodies that in a way that I have not seen elsewhere in our country. Although I'm sure there's other great hotspots as well, I do plan on visiting and dropping in whenever I can, whenever things opened up after the pandemic. And this has been a very, very stark comparison to where I've seen the direction of San Francisco and California in general have been moving. So to me, as I apply this notion of setting an environment that I want to live in and participate in and contribute towards and thrive in. Why make it harder for myself to live the life and in a way that I want to be? Yes, I can do it in San Francisco, yes, I can do anything in California. But why make it harder, the task at hand is hard enough. And I'm gonna take the same lessons that you can borrow from elite athletes, as well as just my personal biohacking nutrition, I'm gonna just put myself in a spot where it's very, very easy for me to really embody the American spirit, American energy, the optimism, the can do attitude that I've loved and thrive upon. I think that's how we build and innovate and take ourselves from the malaise of 2020 and pandemic, and go into the new decade, a new world and really create the future we want to live in. So I'm super excited to get more in touch with all of our east coast friends, there's a lot of research collaborators in the East Coast, ranging from New York, DC, different locations in Florida, all the way to our athletic partners, or military partners that are based on the East Coast, it's gonna be super fun to get to spend more time in person with all of these great people that has been just been harder for me to get in touch with having to travel and fly across the country from California, to the east coast. So I'm super excited about that.

So to wrap up this point. Your dream, your task at hand is hard enough. So don't make it harder. By choosing an environment that's not optimal for you to pursue your dream. Move yourself to the environment that will foster and get you the community get you the energy gets you, the tribe that will support you in that mission. And you make it so much easier for you to succeed because the default now is to execute on your dream, not taking extra superhuman discipline, to exercise and pursue your dream. So it's not be more disciplined. It's not work harder. It's make it easy for you to actually pursue your dream.

So point two. And I think that this is especially important in this day and age in this geopolitical modern environment, which is keeping that underdog, that animal energy, that animal spirit. And what I mean by that is, if you look at the greatest countries, the greatest tribes, the greatest innovators, the greatest groups, they always have this underdog, animal energy. And I and I think to me, America is the greatest Underdog Story. We came to existence as a colony of the most global empire that the world's ever seen under the British Empire, an arrogant monarchy that did not understand. And it became almost too complacent for all it's an imperialistic domain. They literally one of the famous quotes, “the sun never sets on the British Empire”. So that English, the British Empire, was complacent, was arrogant. And that's where the underdog Americans really thrive and something that like motivates me every single day. We had these rebels in America who decided we can do better. And we're gonna take on the greatest Empire the world's ever seen. And a ragtag bunch of folks actually made that dream come true. And now, America's number one. But being number one is not automatic. And I think that is an important point to remember, we cannot learn the lesson of what led to the downfall of the British Empire, meaning that the place of America being number one, the place of you being the best in your field, the place that we sit in terms of human nutrition, we don't take that for granted, we cannot take that for granted. If we do take it for granted, we deserve to be kicked off from our pole position.

So what that means is that I want to be gritty, I want to be an underdog, I always want to be a hungry and have an animal energy to animal spirit to keep pushing, keep grinding, keep innovating, and keep getting the hands dirty. And to me, California, especially San Francisco, has gotten so complacent in terms of being the center of the world of Silicon Valley being the place where all the greatest minds go to I mean, that's what brought me to this area in the first place. And, you know, you talked to me five years ago, I would have said that Silicon Valley, San Francisco is the Florence of today. Right? Florence was the epicenter of the Renaissance, Artists, innovators, inventors, writers, philosophers, were all in Florence during the Renaissance, that was the place to be. And I would have argued that Silicon Valley was that place to be in the 2000s 2010s, all the Silicon Valley things born in that culture set here. But I, I sense, and I taste a complacency of Silicon Valley. And I don't want to fall under that complacency trap.

And that's why I have to go to a city, a community that has an underdog animal spirit, I think that Miami absolutely has that dog spirit, that animal spirit, that underdog energy. And I love that chip on the shoulder because that's again, that motivation, that excitement, that that energy to prove people wrong, is so motivating. And I think that optimism is something that I want to always surround myself. So when I think about this, I think about this, not just from a negativity perspective of being knocked off from being the top of my field, but going back and remembering what it's like to fight and level up and learn and be creative. And always imbuing that in myself because we've all seen this cycle happen again and again, and again. And I don't want that I don't want to see that happened to myself, my community, or our country, frankly. And there is definitely a path where we become overly complacent and we don't innovate, we don't we lose an underdog energy. And we go down that negative path. Right?

If you look at what Europe is today, in my very bold, almost impertinent prediction on Europe is that Europe is going to just be the Disneyland for rich Americans and rich Chinese. What does Europe do, they make really great overpriced leather product, they make really great red wine. And they have some nice tourist destinations. And they sometimes export some boybands but everything else that's just entertainment, you know, Americans are gonna go vacation, their Chinese are notification there. It has become Disneyland. And that's a far cry of Europe being the center of innovation, of technology of civilization. And now that poll is shifted, and to maintain our leadership as innovators, as a culture, we need to have an underdog energy. I think that is the beauty of America is because I think it's an underdog story. And I need to maintain and keep reminding myself that I am an underdog. I'm okay to be great at Groton and get my hands dirty, and I will never ever want to lose that energy. And if you guys see me being complacent, arrogant have hubris, call me out because I never want to lose that dog mentality. So Miami, I see is hungry. The mayor Francis Suarez is clearly hungry. And that's why he's gonna go super far. I think that's where the entire city is gonna go super far and I'd love to contribute to that ecosystem, helping the underdog of Miami, become number one, and never losing that dog energy. And if Miami happens to be overly complacent or arrogant, then I'm gonna have to move to the next spot where I can maintain that dog mentality. And that's what I encourage us all to think about. Never get too comfortable, never get arrogant. When you're arrogant, you have hubris, that's when you fall off the horse, and let someone else that's better take us off the horse, let's not set the environment where it's easy for us to tap ourselves out. So to wrap up my point to always be the underdog. And that's something that I hope to live by, for the rest of my life.

Now to point 3, as I wrap up here, excited to see how 2021 evolves, 2020 was a super weird life. And if you look at some of the discussion and in Policymaking, there's definitely some push that people want to just maintain this kind of life. I just saw that the school boards in California don't want to reopen until the end of the year, literally, they want to write off 2021 in addition to 2020. And we need to think about what type of environment that we want to live in, raise our children in and build our friendships and communities in. And to me, that is not the type of life that I personally want to live by and want to contribute into. I know that we're social animals, and of course, we're not trying to kill each other by giving each other COVID or do anything stupid. But there's definitely some balance. And I think that's the beauty of the American system where there are choices of local policies and guidelines. So never advocate breaking the guidelines of whatever jurisdiction you're in. But the beauty of America is that we could choose which jurisdiction I'm in. So I'm taking my prerogative as an American citizen to choose the jurisdiction that choose the community that I want to contribute and be a part of. So I'm happy to bring my personal network in show and, and all the things that I want to work on to Miami, which I'm so excited to plug in and integrate within the local ecosystem. So let's hang out outside, maybe do workouts, we'll figure out all of that as we make this transition. And let's get together Let's rebuild a community, let's re get that energy of being a true community, a true tribe. I'm sick and tired of this zoom remote lifestyle. And we shouldn't be ashamed to say that it is a human core desire to be with like-minded people, our family, or friends. And we should not be ashamed or feel bad about expressing this core human desire. Of course, I'm not advocating anything that would make you break local guidelines. But what we can do is choose to be a part of a community where the local guidelines match our risk appetite, and our own decisions, right? Like I am okay to take that responsibility, and own that decision for myself. So all of us should do what's best through your own first principles thinking.

So to wrap up here, in conclusion, find the environment that lets you pursue your dreams. And this time, this catalysts of the pandemic and the things on pause. This is as good as any, to reassess your situation and figure out a move to put yourself in an environment where you can actually pursue your dreams.

Two, get that underdog energy back into your life. You got to always be the underdog, you got to always root for the underdog. And I want to be an underdog for the I always want to be the underdog. I never want to be complacent, lazy and fat. And lastly, let's build a community that we want to be a part of. So if you're in Miami, drop me a line. Let's hang out. And if you're elsewhere on the road, I know that not everyone's gonna move to Miami. Let's continue the conversation. You'll see me probably taping next FFF in Miami. So I'll give you a quick tour. But yeah, if we can't meet up in person, let's stay connected online. I think that's definitely going to be something super cool as the world and the communities and tribes of in person communities, extrapolates also to digital communities. So let's figure out creative ways where we can intertwine and have the community environment of both digital transit into the physical, so excited to work and collaborate with all of you to make that happen.

As always, please share this to a friend if you think this could be helpful for them. And reach out to me personally @hvmn or @geoffreywoo. If you want to talk and discuss further. As always, stay resilient. Stay safe, talk to you all very soon.