Spring is coming around, as you can see behind me, I'm currently in Miami, Florida, I've moved here recently. And it's beautiful out here, sun is out, it's warm, it's tshirt and shorts weather. I was in New York City a couple weeks back, and it was warming up there as well. I know that all across the country all around the world, we're coming out of that winter slumber. And I think that is a great metaphor for hopefully, our entire world coming out of the stoop war, the stressfulness of being in a pandemic for the last year. So let's not be complacent, let's not declare victory prematurely. But as you might be also doing, I've been tracking the data and looking at the curves, vaccinations going up, heard immunity going up, and infection rates, case fatality, a hospital beds, availability, all going the right direction. So I'm very hopeful, I'm very optimistic that right around the corner of conquering this pandemic, so we can go back to life. I'm super excited to finally be able to openly hang out with friends and family break bread together, not socially distance, give people hugs, give people high fives, and all of that good stuff. I think some of us are almost used to this socially distance norm. But I hope that we can all overcome this “new normal” and go back to the old normal, I'm an old school guy like that.

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One of the things that we should be thoughtful and not be judgmental about is that, one of the founding ethos of H.V.M.N. is that we should all understand and look at the data and evidence from first principles, and reconcile that data and that science against our own personal risk factors and our own personal health tolerance. So, what does that mean is that I have no judgment, if people are really excited to take advantage of the society opening up, and they will go and want to go clubbing or go to the bar, have a restaurant handle their friends and family. I have no judgment about that. As long as you follow local guidelines, and as long as you have thought about the data, looked at the risk tolerance of your personal health factors, and the people in your pod and families that are staying with, right? So no judgment, if you make that decision. Just like if you want to take it conservatively, you still want to take things slowly, even if you have been vaccinated or have been infected, you don't want to necessarily go out and socialize per usual, that is up to you.

I may only ask my only thought process here as someone that follows evidence that follows the sciences that we should be educated around the data and evidence and make the best possible decision. Given your personalized understanding of your own health and your own risk tolerance. And take ownership of your health, take ownership of your life take ownership of what makes you happy. That is the beauty of individual agency, and I am all for allowing people to be empowered to make their own health decisions, as long as it follows local government guidelines right? No one's asking people to do anything that gets you in trouble with our public policymakers. Within that left and right guide rails, you do you. So whether that's being conservative, or be super open, I'm excited to hopefully see you in the summer in the fall. When everyone is vaccinated. Everyone has herd immunity, I think really coming around the corner for that and really looking forward to going back to normal.

But before going into all happiness and roses, I think it is very interesting to start thinking about the post facto analysis, what has happened? what have we learned through this pandemic? And another is going to be infinite talking heads debating about which politician or which city or which they did the right thing or the wrong thing. And honestly, I'm not super interested in any of that conversation because I think no one is talking about a real important issue, which is metabolic health, which is the nutrition quality in our country.

What we do know about COVID-19 is that there is a high Association high correlation of serious outcomes, or serious presentations of COVID-19 if there are metabolic health issues, so if there is obesity or diabetes, you have much more likely chance of having a serious bout or dying from COVID-19. And as literature as science rules out, compromised metabolic health, as dictated by poor glucose control, by having high insulin resistance by having too much refined carbohydrate or refined glucose, or hyper processed foods, that has real impact on your body's immune response and your body's natural resilience. Full stop. And it is still shocking to me that no politician, no talking head is talking about this. Yes, we talk about mass, we talk about social distancing, we talk about congress or country just sign off $1.9 trillion to stimulate things, and I'm sure that all went to reasonable, good causes. But no one is talking about investing into nutrition, investing into upgrading our food system, invest into improving the natural metabolic health and natural resiliency of everyday people. And if we think about how cheap it actually is to just give people an H.V.M.N. Keto Food bar, or just encourage people to eat a little bit more keto compliant and reduce the refined carbohydrate reduce that junk, and therefore leading to more metabolic flexibility, reducing the insulin resistance, not causing the inflammation cascade of having ambiently high blood sugar. How much downstream healthcare costs, can we actually save? And this is a topic that no politician no talking head has really focused on. So yes, we should clamp down on detection systems, we should to detect the next viral pandemic. Yes, we should have the social protocols all dialed in. So when the next pandemic hits, we all kind of know what the rules are. And yes, we should have in vaccines and make them safe and make them really, really effective. And that's all really exciting. And it's all worth investing in. I'm just saying, where is the attention, where's the investment into the nutrition and the food system that I've talked so much about and how that's designed for cheap, stable foods that prevents starvation? Sure, we have enough calories in this world. But that calorie quality is so low, and that's causing all this chronic disease, we need to be talking about upgrading the food system for modernity. And once we do that, we will all be metabolically healthful, right? I look at the data, 88% of Americans have metabolic dysfunction. A third of us have pre diabetes or diabetes, almost three quarters of us have are overweight and obese. And again, what are the comorbidities, to COVID-19, all of those conditions I just talked about. So we can go to the root primal cause, which is if we can improve metabolic health across our entire population, not only are we more resistant to a future pandemic, we're also gonna be much more resilient to everyday chronic disease. Yes, COVID-19 has killed a lot of our friends and family, but also look at heart disease, look at diabetes, look at obesity, that's killing 1000s of people a year as well. And that is also a pandemic that has killed millions of people. So when we think about the post facto analysis, once can we can remove ourselves from this local crisis and think about the trend of our society as a whole, we should spend our aperture and think about not just the pandemic of COVID-19. But we should really be thinking about the pandemic of future of viral pandemics, the future of obesity, the pandemic of obesity, the pandemic of diabetes, the pandemic of metabolic dysfunction, and the pandemic of metabolic syndrome. These are also massive problems that we as a society should be solving.

So my concluding thought here is that let's don't be complacent, let's be thoughtful as we reopen up, I'm very optimistic that we're on the right path or unconquered COVID-19. And we're on the path toward towards normalcy, at least the new future norm. And we should focus the conversation, not just about, social distancing vaccines and other kind of high tech biotech type investments. We should also focus the conversation towards blue color everyday things like your daily nutrition, if we can educate our country around a low carbohydrate, more keto compliant diet, and therefore improving metabolic health, improving insulin sensitivity, reducing onset of metabolic syndrome, that will make it much more resilient to all the downstream chronic diseases that we almost have a soon as part of daily life, as well as viral pandemics like COVID-19, sounds like a no brainer to me. Let's change the world. Share this episode of Free Fatty Friday to your friends and families if this is interesting to get the conversation and dialogue going. Until then, thanks for taking the time to participate and learn.

I'll see you soon onwards.