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Digesting with Geoffrey Woo

Digesting with Geoffrey Woo

Introducing “Digesting with Geoffrey Woo” by me, Geoffrey Woo.

I’m an entrepreneur and investor, and think about compounding technologies, systems, and organizations. I studied Computer Science (Information Theory and Distributed Systems) at Stanford University and graduated with honors and distinction.

I am interested in the science of human performance and nutrition and am cofounder of H.V.M.N. — Health Via Modern Nutrition. Extending longevity while improving day-to-day performance is the ultimate personal compounder. To change and master our environment, let’s start with changing and mastering ourselves.

I am Host of the H.V.M.N. — Health Via Modern Nutrition Podcast, an Apple Top #50 Health & Fitness / Nutrition Podcast with over 50,000+ subscribers. This is essentially an excuse for me to speak with and learn from the very top athletes, scientists & technologists, and performers in the world.

I am interested in software & technologies that enhance my leverage to do the above. In particular, I currently spend a lot of time thinking about e-commerce, marketing technologies, and scaling human productivity with software.

I am interested in high-performing organizations. Organizations are fundamental units that scale the individual, and the best organizations have special cultures, practices, and assessment & selection. I practice as a business operator and observe, learn, and advise as an investor.

Ultimately, I’m interested in performance — at the individual scale, the team scale, the organization scale, and at the civilizational scale.

There’s a lot of signal and noise in our world. This website/newsletter/blog is my attempt to digest it all.

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